My Love Affair with New York

I miss New York.  New York is like an ex-boyfriend that I keep wanting to go back to over and over again.  And a visit isn’t enough.  I need to be with him in another long term relationship.  A few years before I made the move to California, I moved to New York (Brooklyn to be exact and I worked in Long Island City, Queens and then later in Manhattan).  And while I’ve been blessed to have lived in the “big 3” cities, of America, my heart longs for New York.  So as I sit, in the windy city, I reminisce of my time in the city that never sleeps.
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Around Town – Chicago Fire Department

I need to increase my level of being a nosey neighbor.   As I sat watching a marathon of Chrisley Knows Best (I hate reality TV but this show is hilarious and my guilty pleasure), I heard popping that sounded like fire crackers.  I immediately thought,”today is Memorial Day and not the 4th of July and these fools are out here popping firecrackers.”  Minutes later I’m fussing because fire trucks are so loud that I can barely hear the TV.  Then I hear water.  Still fussing, I can’t understand why my mom’s neighbor is watering his grass for Continue reading