My Love Affair with New York

I miss New York.  New York is like an ex-boyfriend that I keep wanting to go back to over and over again.  And a visit isn’t enough.  I need to be with him in another long term relationship.  A few years before I made the move to California, I moved to New York (Brooklyn to be exact and I worked in Long Island City, Queens and then later in Manhattan).  And while I’ve been blessed to have lived in the “big 3” cities, of America, my heart longs for New York.  So as I sit, in the windy city, I reminisce of my time in the city that never sleeps.

Below are a few pictures that capture my time, in New York.



Central Park 



Central Park


Central Park


My block in Brooklyn.  This was in 2011 when snow covered the East Coast

These pictures, with the snow, are bitter sweet.  I’d spent the Christmas holiday, in Chicago, with my family.  I wanted to get back to New York before New Years Eve, so I left Chicago a few days after Christmas.  The day I left,  my flight was supposed to leave Chicago at 12:00pm and arrive in Newark, New Jersey at 2:20pm.  I can’t remember what time my flight left Chicago, but I do remember that when I walked into my apartment it was 3:34am; 13 hours AFTER I was originally scheduled to be back in New York.  Now I’m from Chicago, so living with snow doesn’t bother me.  But this snow, I didn’t want to be bothered with.  Once I managed to get a cab from Newark to Brooklyn, there was so much snow that the cab couldn’t drive down my street.  I had to walk, carrying Maxx and dragging my suitcase in the snow.  I swear it took me nearly 10 minutes to walk a few feet and that doesn’t include the few times I fell.


Snow covered Brooklyn


Central Park


Central Park West


This pretzel was really good.  It was that good that I can still remember the taste


Harlem – Mother Hale House


My mom hanging out in front of brownstone in Harlem


That time I went to the Brooklyn flea market and fell in love with a lobster roll

*all photos by me


5 thoughts on “My Love Affair with New York

  1. You know Jasmine went to school in New York. She now lives in Brooklyn. The girls and I stayed out there for a week. We did Central Park, Times Square and all of Manhattan, down to the tip of the Island. We had the subway experience as well. As a tourist, sightseeing was a great experience.

    But, I couldn’t get with the garbage on the street, plus the food was bad. I thought the food would be amazing and I was so disappointed. The part of Brooklyn where I stayed, reminded me if the west side on Lake Street.

    Maybe my daughter just didn’t take us to the right spots. Perhaps the next time you visit, I’ll meet you there!

    My 12 year old and I were just saying yesterday, over breakfast, how New York was alright, but nothing compares to Chicago!!


  2. Hi Rita! Great pics on this post! We can certainly understand how you feel, we used to make trips to the city once or twice a year until we finally packed up and move to the area. We regret not doing it sooner! Sometimes a city just captures your heart. 🙂


    • You are right about New York capturing your heart. I was born and raised in Chicago so it will always be special to me because it’s my home and it’s an amazing city. But, there’s something about New York that keeps pulling me back. I’m hoping to transition, back there, full-time very soon. Until then, I think I’ll check out your blog and live vicariously, through it 🙂

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