Never Deny a Woman From Telling Her Truth

a strong woman this is NOT

This is stupid!  I know the intentions behind this quote is supposed to motivate women, to let them know that in spite of all their daily struggles they are still strong, to let them know that their strength outshines their pain, to let them know that their ability to cover the reason behind their tears makes them a strong woman.  However, this quote does the exact opposite.  What it says, to women, is to cover the reason behind your tears by smiling and pretending that everything is okay.  It tells women that it’s okay to tell others you’re okay, even when you’re not.  For years, women have been force fed this idea that to be strong they have to hide behind their struggles and their pain.  But here’s the gotcha. There is no strength in pretending that you are okay.  The strength is being strong enough to say, “I’m not okay.”

For many years, I watched my god-sister put her life on hold to care for her daughter, who has autism, while also raising two other daughters.  She fought the public school system, in court, to ensure her daughter would receive the education and services she deserved.  She put her Continue reading