Around Town – Chicago Fire Department

I need to increase my level of being a nosey neighbor.   As I sat watching a marathon of Chrisley Knows Best (I hate reality TV but this show is hilarious and my guilty pleasure), I heard popping that sounded like fire crackers.  I immediately thought,”today is Memorial Day and not the 4th of July and these fools are out here popping firecrackers.”  Minutes later I’m fussing because fire trucks are so loud that I can barely hear the TV.  Then I hear water.  Still fussing, I can’t understand why my mom’s neighbor is watering his grass for Continue reading


Food Alert – Mad Tacos

I love to eat and since Chicago has some pretty amazing restaurants, it’s a win-win for me. I’m always on the hunt, for new restaurants, and love to try new foods so it comes as no surprise that when a friend (thanks, Dionne) told me about a new taco joint, that I was up for trying it.  Enter Mad Tacos.

Mad Tacos is a small restaurant on the south side, of Chicago, that offers a variety of tacos. Their menu will satisfy anyone’s craving for any type of taco.  Jerk chicken, steak, blackened fish, cajun shrimp, veggie and greek turkey are some of the tacos offered. During my recent visit, I was a little disappointed that the cajun shrimp taco was not available, that day, so I decided to try the jerk chicken taco.  Let me tell you, these tacos were everything!  It was loaded with delicious, mouth watering jerk chicken that had just Continue reading