We Are Onyx (review)

My name is Rochon and I’m a product junkie…..”hello, Rochon.”

For years, I’ve been on the search to find products that work for my hair and skin. I’ve gotten very close to hair product perfection. Some products are almost perfect but there’s always been that little something missing. So I’ve continued to spend money in search for that miracle product that will get my hair exactly how I want it.

One night as I was doing my normal internet exploring, I came across We Are Onyx. According to their website, We Are Onyx is the first ever all-in-one online beauty destination dedicated to Black Women. For a small monthy subscription fee (I paid $15), each month you will receive a sample of products to try. I figured this was a win-win for me. For only $15 I’d get to try a variety of products without wasting a lot of money buying full sized products that may end up not working for me.

I went to the We Are Onyx website and signed up to receive the December onyxbox. I didn’t really have any expectations about what would soon arrive in my mailbox, but I was excited and anxiously awaited the arrival of my onyxbox.

Here’s some shots of my onyxbox and the products I received:

OnyxThis is the box that the products arrived


There are products hiding beneath that bright pink tissue paper…..


These are the sample of products that I received…The great thing is that I was able to select these products (most of which I’ve wanted to try in the past but didn’t want to spend the money to purchase full-sized products


Karen Body Beautiful sweet ambrosia leave-in conditionor and Eden Body Works deep conditioner and curl defining creme


scent_sa-taional soaps lavender body butter

* I also received a sample of Alikay Naturals creme brulee curling custard…….

Overall I feel that the products and the sizes I received were plentiful for $15.  I’ve already used some of the Karen’s Body Beautiful leave-in condidtioner and must say I’m expressed with the results (so far, I usually give products 30 days to reveal their true self) and there is still product remainining in the sample packet I received.

I’m excited for the January onyxbox and must say that I also love exploring the We Are Onyx website.  Felicia Leatherwood’s videos are amazing and I’m just staring to explore those of Eric J. Allen.  If nothing else, We Are Onyx gives great tutorials on hair, skin, make-up, diet and nutrition.  And even you decide not to sign up for the onyxbox, they have a multitude of products available for purchase.  Check it out because you just might like it!


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