Part 2 – Aphogee Treatment

It’s been one full day since my Aphogee treatment and I must say that I am SUPER pleased with the results.  My hair has not shedded once since the treatment, there’s been no extra hair in my sink (as I style my hair in the morning) or in my comb.  I feel like my hair is really soft and shiny (I do contribute part of that to the deep conditioner I did after the treatment).

Do I recommend the Aphogee Treatment to anyone experiencing breakage or shedding?  Yes.  Will it become a staple treatment for me?  Not sure yet.  It’s only been one day and I definitely see a difference in my hair.  It’s too early to know the long term affects but right now I feel good about the results. 

I tried my best to get some good photos of my hair so the results of the treatment could be seen and so everyone could see just how great my hair looks (I was really LOVING my curly fro today).  But, my camera battery died and my iPhone wasn’t cooperating so some of the photos may be a little fuzzy.


I bantu knotted my hair before I went to sleep last night.  Here’s the bantu knots, dried, the next day.


This is how my hair looked like after I removed the bantu knots.  I like big hair so I did have to manipulate my hair, at the roots, to get the look I wanted.  My curls were really shining!


I really wished this picture would have come out more clear so that the shape of my curly fro could be seen.  My hair was really on point today.  I loved it!


Another look of my awesome curly fro.


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