Aphogee Protein Treatment

Lately, I’ve been stressed at work.  But who hasn’t had those moments where work is the root cause of stress.  But, I didn’t think I was stressed out that much.  The last time my hair was shedding and breaking off like this was last year when I was receiving a certain medical treatment where one of the side effects was hair loss.

This time around I figured, as long as I “got” happy my hair would stop shedding.  So I started praying more, laughing more and doing things that made me happy and for the first time in a long time I felt, well….happy.  But soon I was pissed again because no matter how much I co-washed, deep conditioned and moisturized my hair and slept in a satin cap, there was still too much hair at the bottom of my shower and in my wide tooth comb.  Hell, I was afraid to touch my hair because I knew that as soon as I moved my hand away from my head, there would be hair in my hand. 

Being the research nerd that I am, I decided to do some research on treatment options that would help with the breakage I was experiencing.  In addition to the breakage, I’d experienced some heat damage to a section of my hair that caused me to lose some of my curl pattern in that section so I was hoping to also find something that would help with that.  I’d heard of Aphogee in the past, but never had a desire to try their products, until now.  It was all the rave on youtube (yep, youtube is part of my research) and there were some great reviews by other natural hair sistas.  Soon I’d find myself on the Aphogee website looking through the products and deciding which one was best for me.  I sat thinking, “hair is a protein, right?  So surely my hair must be breaking off because it’s missing some protein and isn’t as strong as it should be.  I figured there’s nothing wrong with adding a little protein to fill in those spots where protein is missing, from my hair.  Next I was searching for the Sally’s Beauty Supply store closest to my job so that I could purchase the 2-step protein treatment, the following day.

Aphogee states, “aphogee products are pH optimised for maximum results and contain our exclusive PropHytamine Complex, utilizing precise levels of protein for strength, emollients for shine and humectants for softness.  Repair and protect your hair with aphogee.”

I knew I would purchase the 2-step treatment, but also decided on purchasing the shampoo for damaged hair.  Since this would be my first time using the product, I wanted to following the directions to the fullest.


“Aphogee shampoo gently cleanses damaged hair and helps to restore its natural beauty.  It contains rich proteins and conditioners which help repair and protect damaged areas and improve hair strength.”


The 2-step treatment includes a protein treatment (step 1) and a balancing moisturizer (step 2).  The protein treatment is to be applied on freshly washed hair AFTER cleansing with the shampoo for damaged hair.  Once the protein treatment as been applied, the hair is to remain uncovered and then dried (under a hooded dryer or with a hand-dryer).  Once the hair is dry, it will be hard, signifying that the treatment is working.  The hair should not be touched once it is hard or will break.  After rinsing the protein, the balancing moisturizer is applied to help restore softness and elasticity to the hair.

Here are some photos of my hair before applying the treatment:

This is a five day old twist out.  I am masking the damaged area and breakage wonderfully.


Here’s a close up of my curls.  No damage here.  My curls were really popping today and I just wanted to show how good they looked!  I do have extra thick roots too.


In the first photo you can see some straight pieces of hair.  The second photo is a side by side of the damaged section of my hair before the treatment and a picture of that same section after the protein treatment.

random beforeandAfteraphogee

In this photo, my hair is hard as a rock.  I could literally knock on my hair.  The hair does get extremely hard after the protein treatment is dry.


The top picture is my hair (on the side where there is no visible damage) before the protein treatment and the bottom picture is a photo immediately follwing the treatment.  I’m not really sure why my color is really showing more in the bottom photo (as opposed to the top) and it’s the same section of hair.


For added moisture, I deep coniditioned using my carol’s daughter monoi hair treatment mixed with honey and coconut oil.  I put on a plastic cap and a heated cap for 30 minutes before rinsing out the conditioner.


I had this same hair style when I was 4 years old.  I’m sleepy (that’s my “i’m sleepy look”) and going to bed now.  But before I go to sleep, I am going to bantu knot my hair.


Overall my hair feels good and I had minimal to no shedding when rinsing out the protein treatment and conditioner.  I’ve already bantu knotted my hair and there was no shedding (I’m estastic because lately I’d been having a lot of breakage and shedding when twisting my hair, but this time, nothing!  Tomorrow I will do another post to show my hair after I’ve taken the bantu knots out.

Have you ever used any special treatments to repair hair breakage, heat damage or shedding?


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