America World Adoption Association

Ephesians 1:5

In love, he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will.

It arrived!  Yesterday I went to the mailbox looking for, well, nothing really.  I rarely check my mailbox because I receive e-statements for my bills.  If I do receive something in the mail it’s usually my InStyle magazine or catalogs from West Elm, Pier one, Pottery Barn or some other home furnishings store.  But on this day, as Max and I were coming in from our evening walk I figured I might as well check the mailbox since I hadn’t checked it in a while.  I opened the door to my mailbox and there it was.  Packaged in a big, sturdy envelope, the first words I saw read “building christian families according to God’s design of adoption,” and I knew exactly what would be be in that envelope. 

A few week prior I’d been on the America World Adoption Association (AWAA) website, doing my normal research and decided that it was time that I requested a full information packet.  I mean I spend so much time on their website and I’ve been communicating with and reading the blogs of families that have utilized this agency for their international adoption and figured it was time for me to get my own information, in my hands.

I grabbed the envelope and all the other mail from my mailbox and hurried onto the elevator, pulling Max along.  When I walked into my apartment, I laid the large envelope on my bed and went into the kitchen to make me some chai tea.  I got my tea and walked into my bedroom and stared at the envelope, on my bed.  I don’t know why but I couldn’t open the envelope right away.  I knew there was nothing bad in it, but I suppose I was nervous because everything was becoming so real.  I sat on my bed and said a quick prayer before I pulled the envelope open.  What I found inside was a beautiful, light blue portfolio.  In the portfolio was information on AWAA, it’s founders, their adoption experience, information about other families and detailed inserts on the programs, with information to assist in selecting the country from which to adopt.

I spent the next two hours reading everything that was included in that portfolio.  And even though I already know what country I’m interested in I still read everything about the other countries.  As my mind started racing at 100 miles per hour, thinking of so many things, two sentences stood out to me as I read and re-read that welcome letter.  “Whatever your specific cirumstance may be, I know that God has ordained adoption as a way of placing children into families.  If you proceed with an adoption, we know that you will claim this decision as one of the best you have ever made in your life!”  There was God, answering my prayer before I had an opportunity to speak one word.


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